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Why buy a domain with imbra.

What you will get!

  • Domains include free domain privacy forever.**
  • imbra is the africa's largest domain registrar, and customers trust us with millions of domains.
  • Unlimited subdomains to create a custom web address.
  • Easily find available domains from over 800 domain extensions.
  • Real-time monitoring to make sure you're always up and running.
  • Free DNS Managment forever.**
  • Simple domain set up. You don’t need any technical skills.
  • Quick, simple tools to forward your domains to any existing website.

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Why buy a domain with imbra

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Domain FAQs

A domain name is what people type into a browser to find a website - similar to how you use a street address to find a building. Every website, server, or digital device that is connected to the Internet has an assigned IP address that you can use to see or visit it. This IP address is a long string of numbers and letters that would be very difficult for people to memorize, so a domain name is simply a human-friendly version of that IP address.

When you type a domain name - like www.imbra.co.bw or www.google.com - into your browser, the domain name system, or DNS, takes this domain and translates it into its IP address, allowing the associated website to be found.

In this sense, imbra can help you find a domain name that best suits your business so you can easily promote your website.

Having your own domain name can help you appear more legitimate to people who search for you or your business online.

Domain name registration is the process of finding a web address (like imbra.co.bw or google.com), and then signing up to use it. You technically don't own the domain, but once you've registered it, it's yours alone for as long as you continue paying the annual registration fee.

Simply enter the web address you want to register into the search box. If the name you entered has already been registered, we'll provide suggestions of alternative names. If the domain is available, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process.